Multiplier for Nuffield tractors

Around the times, Nuffield tractors have a real reputation to be a very fast tractors here in Finland, where this came from is now told here:

Story of Nuffield extra gearbox called "Kylmäkosken kertoja" (Multiplier from Kylmäkoski)

Blacksmith called Toivo Santalahti from Kylmäkoski Finland, designed and carry out production of a multiplier to be fitted Nuffield tractors. This gear unit exploid the empty housing between single plate clutch and gearbox. Gearbox was designed for giving extra PTO speed and also it gives ten speed forward and 2 reverse with top speed up to 50 km/h. When Nuffield got own ten speed gearbox, this gave now 20F + 4R. Ratio of overdrive is 1:1.488

Multiplier was very expencive, example when basic tractor cost 500 000 FIM, this gearbox cost 75 000 FIM.
Everyone who bought this did not bought it just for fun. It was really needed option, wich gave more competetive advantage and also comfort for transport work. It has be told now, that when looking back 1960's cars, trucks etc were very rare. Tractor was also farm tractor, also car and truck!

As you can know now, these were only for tractors fitted with single clutch unit. It is also mot inspected option for Nuffield tractor, so it is legal fitment at finnish roads. 

At this time 2014 we have still dozens of multipliers to be known and almost every month we can hear one survived tractor with this equipment. Tale tells that manufactured items are over 2000, but we do not know precisely what is real fact. Still, it is very rare piece of Nuffield history!

Photo: Gear lever of multiplier. In that position it is normal. There is also neutral and lever up is ratio 1:1.488


Photo: Nuffield 4DM model fitted with this multiplier. This is the space under clutch housing.

kylmäkoskenkertoja laatikko

Photo: gearbox casting, lever and gears of Multiplier.

Kylmäkoskenkertojan ratttaistoa

Kertojan rattaisto ja laatikko.