BMC 245 - Dual Nuffield

Brothers Gustav and Ove Hultding, Sverige, Designed and manufactured dualtractor based on Nuffield -tractor.
Dualtractor manufacturers like Ernest Doe Linked tractors in a row, but Hultdings Brothers came this another way. They linked two Nuffield's side by side.

Idea for using Nuffields to be dualtractor came from Nuffield importer Svenska Traktor Ab chief Sven Weldeheim.

In year of 1964 brother Hultding machine shop and Svenska Traktor Ab started to manufacture Nuffield dualtractor called BMC 245.

bmc 245
Picture with permission of Hultdins System Ab

These dualtractors were manufactured by linked up two Nuffield 10/42 tractors side by side.
There was 2 engines, 2 gearbox and half and one half of back axle, one each tractor.

BMC 245 was designed for rough forest and field work where needed more power than normal farm tractor was not capable.

Front wheels was same size as back wheels. Tractor was controlled like bobcats, there was no steering joints etc. Tractor turned when slowing other engine running slower and another running faster. With this type of control it could be use a tracks for giving more pulling power in deep snow.

It was robson drive 4wd.

We know that atleast 2 of BMC 245's came to Finland. Both were yearmodel 1966. They were at Sodankylä, Lapland. Apparently both burned very early. One of these gone to the metal collection in early 2000, destiny of the another unit is not known. Also we have seen one tractor at Valtimo, North Carelia. Is this unit other of these 2 tractors it is not known. Tale is telling that one unit is survived and now dismantled parts, maybe?

This type of tractor had cost's atleast of 2 tractors, also purchasing cost's of 2 tractors. Maybe this was the one reason why they were so easy to be burn?

There was also available 4 cylinder, 120 hp dualtractor based to 2 10/60 Nuffield, but none of them never came to Finland.

Schematic illustration of BMC 245 dualtractor drivetrain. 

Now Ab Hultdings System ltd manufactures forest crane gripps etc.